Contributed by Elton Jenkins, Attorney at Law  You cannot outsmart the police. They have been trained by professionals. You have not. They have thousands of cases of experience. You have not. I am a trial attorney and do not even consider out smarting a police officer. You have the right to
what to know before cosigning
To co-sign, or not to co-sign, that is the question. It is a terrible feeling when you get that call at 2 o’clock in the morning from a loved one who just got booked into jail. Your first reaction might be to panic as a hundred questions flood through your
Ouch! On September 28, 1963, Jim Morrison, the future lead singer of The Doors, was arrested on multiple charges stemming from his bad acts and over-consumption of alcohol. At the time, Morrison was attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He was at a Saturday night football game, and having
CAPTURED MAY 25, 2018! WANTED    CAPTURED! Christina Thoulion DOB: Aug 1, 1986 Warrant Issued 03/12/2018: First Degree Robbery Cleveland County, Oklahoma OKCFOX News Story Christina Thoulion Booking Mugshot 8-22-2017 Oklahoma County Jail
Dimitri Harvey Jones Captured by Rodney OKC Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City
CAPTURED 10-04-2016 Dimitri Harvey Jones was captured and returned to Oklahoma County jail.  He was convicted and sentenced on this case.  Thank you to everyone that provided assistance in bringing him back. RODNEY OKC BAIL BONDS #1 in Fugitive Recovery in Oklahoma Rodney OKC Bail Bonds in OKC, Norman, Moore,
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CAPTURED: Nathaniel Terrell Parks
Captured in Cleveland Tennessee on 5/5/2015 dob 1-31-1980  6 ft 170 lbs. in the music video production business and has been a Licensed barber in Florida. Is wanted in Okla for misdemeanor drug charges and felony bail jumping Is also wanted in Fl for felony drug charges Mother’s name is