When Jack went to jail he found out that jail was not the place for him. Luckily, his wife called Rodney to get him out quick.
Learn from Johnny, don’t drink and drive! If you are going out, plan ahead.  DUI’s are no fun, don’t let your celebration turn into a misdemeanor or felony DUI.  Call a friend, call a cab, or call Rodney! Rodney OKC Bail Bonds is dedicated to bring quality service to the
Turning yourself in
Having a warrant for your arrest is scary; but it isn’t going to go away on its own.  Do nothing… and it is only a matter of time before it catches up with you.  Turning yourself in is one way to take care of a warrant, but it is not necessarily
Avoid these bail bonds scams
When someone is in jail, your instinct may be to help by acting immediately.  Unfortunately, there are con men out there looking for someone in your situation.    Here are eight tips to help keep you from falling victim to one of their scams. Olga Nunez’s Story In 2012, Olga
Do’s and don’ts when you have an arrest warrant!
Do’s and don’ts when you have an arrest warrant! It’s a sinking feeling when you learn there is a warrant out for your arrest. You may not have even known about it until attorney letters started showing up in the mail or you get a call from a friend who
DUI Police Stop
  By Marcy Fassio, Attorney at Law In Oklahoma, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense and the laws are quite stringent. If you are convicted, DUI consequences can range from a license suspension to jail time to a prison sentence, based on the circumstances involved. Reading this
Parents Helping Parents
Parents Helping Parents If you have a child that struggles with addiction, we want to let you know about a local group of parents that have been there, and want to help.  Parents Helping Parents is an organization whose mission is to provide information, resources, and peer support to help
Marcy Fassio courthouse guide
What happens next? The courtroom can be a scary and intimidating place, especially if you are the one facing criminal charges. Even if it is not your first rodeo, or perhaps it is a friend or family member that has found themselves in this unenviable position, you probably have questions
Bail FAQ
Bail Bonds Q&A Bail Bonds Q&A Do you have questions about bail bonds? Most people do, and if so, we have answers. What does it mean to cosign for someone? What is a walk-through? How much does it cost to bond someone out? What if I have a warrant? Answers
Misdemeanor v Felony in Oklahoma
What’s the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony in Oklahoma? In Oklahoma, when a person is charged with a serious crime, it will either be categorized as a misdemeanor or a felony. So, what is the difference, and what effect can that have on the outcome of the case?