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Do’s and don’ts when you have an arrest warrant!

Do’s and don’ts when you have an arrest warrant!

It’s a sinking feeling when you learn there is a warrant out for your arrest. You may not have even known about it until attorney letters started showing up in the mail or you get a call from a friend who found it online. Hopefully, you are finding out before an officer is standing at your doorstep trying to serve the warrant.

Now that you know about it, what can you do?

Option 1- Do nothing.

Your first option is to do nothing. This is not a good option, but one a lot of people choose by default. Ignoring a warrant won’t make it go away, and eventually you will be arrested and taken to jail. Probably at the most inconvenient time possible. We have seen clients arrested at work or in front of their family members. If you are arrested during a traffic stop your vehicle will likely be towed. You might also be arrested in a different jurisdiction and have to wait to be transferred to the jurisdiction that has the warrant. This

Do’s and don’ts when you have an arrest warrant!

can mean up to 10 days in jail just to get transferred.

After your arrest, you will have the challenge of trying to communicate from behind bars. Hopefully you have several phone numbers memorized and family members on the outside willing to help you get out of jail.

Option 2- Take care of it.

Your second option is to take care of the warrant now, on your own terms. In many cases, warrants can be cleared without you having to go to jail. You will want to talk to an attorney and a bondsman. An attorney can advise you of the best course of action to clear the warrant and a bondsman can be prepared to post a bond if one is required.

So, let’s talk more about that second option, getting the warrant cleared before you end up in the back of a police car. It is important to know what jurisdiction has issued the warrant. Was it a city court, like the City of Norman, or was it a district court, like Cleveland County. Every jurisdiction is different and they all have different policies on how warrants can or can’t be cleared.

Types of Warrants-

Next, understand that there are different types of warrants, so you will need to know what the warrant is for. If you are not sure, you can go to our website or contact Rodney’s Bail Bonds at 405-205-0603 for a free warrant check.

Here is a break down of the most common types of warrants:

Cost Warrants

Cost warrants (AKA Green Warrants or Rule 8 Warrants) for example, are all about money, money that you owe the court. These might be due to a ticket that wasn’t paid, or fines and costs that have not been paid. Some jurisdictions will allow you to come in on your own to either pay the fines owed or let you set up a payment plan. Other jurisdictions will require that you put up a cash bond or have a bondsman post a bond.

Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are issued by a judge when a defendant fails to appear for court. Bench Warrants can also be issued when there is probable cause shown that a crime has been committed, or when new charges have been filed against a defendant. Usually the judge will set a bond amount on the warrant. In many jurisdictions a walk-through can be done to clear the warrant. In some cases, the defendant can appear in front of a judge at arraignment to clear the warrant. It is important to consult an attorney and a bail bondsman to determine what options are available.

Search Warrants

Search warrants are issued by a judge giving officers the authority to search a specific property for a specific purpose. They are not arrest warrants, although they may be issued in conjunction with an arrest warrant.

Probable Cause

Probable cause arrests do not require a warrant. For example, if an officer has probable cause to believe a crime happened, and there’s no time to get a warrant, he can make an arrest. Also, if police witness a crime being committed, a warrant is not required and they can take immediate action.

What NOT to Do:

• Do not ignore the warrant. Warrants do not go away, you are much better off addressing it head on with a skilled attorney and a bondsman.
• If you haven’t taken care of it, and you do come in contact with an officer, do not try to run. You will only make it worse and add to the list of charges against you. Stay calm and polite. If you go to jail, your family can work on getting you out.
• Do not attempt to fly or otherwise travel—especially internationally. Airport security checks databases for outstanding warrants, and it will likely be assumed you are trying to flee if you attempt to travel.
• Never attempt to turn yourself in without first talking to an attorney and a bondsman. An attorney can advise you of the best course of action and a bondsman can be prepared to post a bond if one is required. Remember, it is often unnecessary for you to be placed under arrest to clear a warrant.

How to get started-

Free Warrant Check

If you are in the State of Oklahoma and suspect that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, start out by calling Rodney’s Bail Bonds to get a free warrant search done. All you need to know when you call is where you might have a warrant, and your date of birth. This will allow you to find out what the charges against you are and how much the warrant is. You can then discuss your situation with Rodney and your attorney to understand out your options.

Find an Attorney

Most criminal cases will require that you have an attorney to represent you with the District Attorney and the court.  If you have been charged with a crime, it is very important that you speak with an attorney about your particular case. Most attorneys offer a free, no-obligation consultation.  Follow the link below to learn more about finding the right attorney for you.

Attorney Q&A

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About Rodney

Rodney’s Bail Bonds is not a law firm, we are bail bondsmen. The information contained in this article is intended to be a general guideline to help you properly deal with a warrant.  We are not attorneys, and this article is not to be considered legal advise nor a substitute for legal advise from a lawyer.

If you are in Central Oklahoma and looking for information about warrants or bail bonds, go to or simply use this link to get answers to the most common questions we get. We will be happy to help you get the answers you are looking for. Rodney’s Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the unexpected happens, call Rodney at 405-205-0603.

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