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Marcy Fassio courthouse guide

What happens next?

The courtroom can be a scary and intimidating place, especially if you are the one facing criminal charges.

Even if it is not your first rodeo, or perhaps it is a friend or family member that has found themselves in this unenviable position, you probably have questions about what is going on and what to expect in the courtroom.  We hear a lot of these types of questions;

  • What will happen during the police investigation?
  • Who determines what charges are filed?
  • What is an arraignment?
  • What can my attorney do if there was an improper search by the police?
  • What is a Preliminary Hearing Conference (PHC)?
  • What is a “Blind Plea”?
  • Why is my attorney meeting with the District Attorney?
  • Is it possible for my case to get dismissed?
  • Will I have to go to trial?

We reached out to Oklahoma City attorney, Marcy Fassio and asked her to help answer some of the questions our clients have.  Marcy is a criminal defense attorney, but she began her legal career at the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office in Oklahoma City, where she was an Assistant District Attorney.  After leaving the DA’s office, she founded Fassio Law, PLLC.  She has experience with all types of criminal cases, from misdemeanors to murders. She knows the courtroom, both as an ADA and as a defense attorney, so we thought she would be perfect to help us answer these questions.

Marcy sent us a guide she put together called  Oh S%&@! Your Guide to Surviving the Oklahoma Criminal Justice System, What to Expect at the Courthouse,
From Arrest to Disposition of Your Criminal Case.  We thought it was a great resource for those new to the criminal justice system, so we asked and Marcy allowed us to share it here on our blog.

If you are in search of a criminal defense attorney, check out Marcy’s website

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Click on the image below to read Marcy’s guide to surviving the Oklahoma criminal justice system.

Marcy Fassio courthouse guide